Litigation, Mediation & Collaborative Law Processes :

Mediation is a process whereby parties can reach an agreement with each other on all issues.If you choose mediation you and the other party can resolve your family law dispute without going to Court.In mediation, you and the other party decide the outcome without someone else telling you what the decisions and Court orders will be. The mediation assists you in:

          Reaching agreement
          Writing up agreements that work for both of you 
          Guiding you through the necessary items which must be included by law

With the help of a licensed attorney you will be able to make your own agreements while still ensuring that the terms you want are enforceable, what you intend, and that the provisions of your written agreement comply with the legal requirements of the State of Washington.

There is no single outcome which works best for every case. Your set of circumstances are unique and all your own. Wendy will speak with you honestly and openly, and provide you with the options which are available to you.

One of the first decisions to be made in any Family Law matter is whether your case can be resolved through Collaborative Law or mediation. If not, a Court intervention may be needed to resolve your most pressing concerns.

If you are contemplating ending your marriage or partnership, or you have other family law related disputes, such as custody or visitation problems, you should speak with an attorney about your options. Wendy is experienced in litigation, mediation, and collaborative law. She encourages out of court resolutions when appropriate. Wendy's prior experience as a social worker and her mediation skills are essential to helping others to handle stress and to focus on long-term goals. Serving on the bench has sharpened Wendy's ability to present an objective perspective and to assist a potential client in evaluating outcomes.

Wendy provides an initial half-hour consultation for no charge, during which she provides legal advice on community property law, our court system, the processes of divorce and legal separation, the available options (uncontested, contested-litigated, and contested collaborative), and the like. For those who are already separated or who need help in other areas (custody, parenting issues, child support, contempt, paternity, etc.), Wendy provides a half-hour consultation for no charge to explain the law, explain the options, and assist in formulating a plan.